An end-to-end Business Intelligence Platform

Our process solves your data visualization needs in four steps:

Data IntakeSmartConnectors are one of our most powerful features.  Once a SmartConnector is connected to a data source, it pulls and optimizes data from the specific source, making the data ready to be joined with data from all other systems.

Data Preparation and Transformation – We join, organize, clean, repair, error control, and structure data from all source systems.  Your data is enhanced, enabling data scientists and analysts to build insightful and actionable analysis and reports.
Data Storage – We equip every client with their own custom built, cloud-based enterprise-class data warehouse.  We mitigate the need to buy internal hardware, while you can scale your data footprint without incurring high marginal costs.
Data Visualization – We provide the most powerful visualization tool on the market. But if you already have your own visualization tool, keep using it.  We can build reports for you and help you learn to build your own reports.

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