Compare Your Business Intelligence Options

Internal Data
Warehouse Team
Dashboards and reports available * available ** available
Automated email reports available * not-available ** available
Cloud based available * not-available ** available
No investment in hardware available * not-available ** available
Avoid additional headcount not-available *
not-available ** available
Support not-available * available ** available
State of the art tools and tech not-available * available ** available
Data aggregation not-available * available ** available
Data source error control not-available * available ** available
Data optimization not-available * available ** available
Data repair & append not-available * available ** available
Data cleaning & deduping not-available * available ** available
Cost $* $$$$ $
Implementation time 3-18 months 6-12 months Less than 30 days
* = Does not apply to all providers
** = Results highly dependent on quality of team

Most Cost Effective Option

Quickest Integration Available

State of the Art Tools

Most Comprehensive and Complete Solution

Companies will sell you Visualization Software, but they expect YOU to handle the data integration challenge.

Internal Data Warehouse teams require the right individuals and a substantial investment
in data tools and hardware. The quality of their results can vary widely.

With Known Factors you get the premier cloud-based technology platform that distills 20+ Years
of data experience, the best tools available, industry specific dashboards and reporting,
leading edge mobile and desktop visualization, and highly customizable results.

Ready to see our dashboards?

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