Areas of Speciality

Known Factors offers the premier technology platform to handle the data challenge
that eludes so many companies trying to fully implement visualization software.

We can implement our solution for any company. However, we’ve gotten significant traction in the following industries.
If you belong to one of our specialty areas, the implementation time will be quicker
and you’ll benefit from our standard library of reports for your industry.


Travel Industry

A few of the features Known Factors provides for property managers, vacation rental companies, and the travel industry:

  • Complete and detailed overview of bookings, occupancy rates, revenues, expenses, billing system, CRM system, inbound call statistics, etc
  • Full insight into what OTA engines and booking channels generate the most business, along with their cost and overall effectiveness
  • Detailed trend analysis indicating growing or declining business
  • Drill down to discover both opportunities and problems in seconds
  • User logins to allow fully customizable access to data base at both the property and data level

With our intelligent platform you have access to our library of standard Vacation Rental and Property Management reports. We can modify these reports for you or create fully customized new reports. By making your data intelligent, we make your analytics powerful.

Behavioral health

A few of the features Known Factors provides for behavioral health companies:

  • One centralized location of all data… across systems, across facilities, across treatment modalities – giving you unprecedented ability for horizontal analytics of your company
  • Ability to track marketing effort efficacy and tie it all together from web site visits, to forms requesting info, to inbound phone calls, to check-in at your facilities
  • Ability to track, measure, and provide feedback on referral sources, verification of benefits, treatment results, and many other aspects of your business
  • E-mail automation, enabling people in your organization ranging from intake staff to executives to receive dashboard updates on key performance indicators
  • Bridges the gaps and provides connections between your EHR, CRM, marketing, billing, finance, and any other system you are using

Not only will you be able to get the exact custom reports you desire, but with our deep experience building reports for behavioral health providers, you will now also have access to our standard library of reports for your industry. These can enlighten you on metrics you haven’t even considered yet enabling you to run your facilities more effectively for your clients as well as more efficiently for your bottom line.

Managed Care

A few of the features Known Factors provides for managed care facilities:

  • One centralized location of all data… across systems, across facilities, across care types – giving you unprecedented ability for horizontal analytics of your company
  • Ability to identify and analyze results for both short term and long term managed care within your facilities
  • Measure and evaluate marketing effectiveness, patient outcomes or satisfaction surveys, operations and personnel management, financial profit analysis, or anything else you have data on
  • Whether you are offering a Skilled Nursing Facility, In-home Care, Senior Living, or a mixture of the above, we give you one location to evaluate your key performance indicators at the click of a mouse or through a regularly scheduled email report

Known Factors allows you to slice and dice information in order to succeed in a highly competitive market for less than the cost of a full time employee. We take the complexity and chaos of your business and make it simple. Clear but powerful insights into what is happening within your business.




A few standard capabilities Known Factors can provide:

  • Ability to analyze districts, counties, cities, zip codes, etc. by past voting results, by demographics, by census factors, etc
  • Identify districts with the most opportunity for swinging from one party to another
  • Identify individual voters for signature gathering, message targeting, voter registration efforts, political donations, mailer campaigns, community outreach, etc
  • Ability to use geotagged maps, exportable lists, graphs, charts, trend lines, exception reports, etc. for multiple purposes

Discover the areas of opportunity, and then focus time and effort where an impact can be made. The power of data in the political realm is a phone call away.

Representative democracy is predicated on being able to accurately find and interact with your constituents. There is a wealth of publicly available census and political data, but being able to structure and use it intelligently is one of our core competencies. We can integrate publically available data with any database or membership lists you have at your disposal, for a very nuanced look at voters and constituents. Campaigns can be executed with powerful and efficient precision.

Common Supported Data Sources

We also support other data sources as well. If you don’t see your data source below, contact us here.

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