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You don’t have to become a data scientist – we set it up for you

Easy, fast and useful

We make it easy – hand us your various data sources and we do the dirty work for you. Your data is repaired, enhanced, cleaned, and intelligently structured.

We make it fast – implementation times for many of our competitors is 6-18 months. With Known Factors it happens in days, not months.

We make it useful – actionable business intelligence, beautifully visualized in dashboards, reports, and emailed summaries – all just a mouse click away.

What our customers say about us

Jennifer Tibbits

Director of Outcomes

“Working with Known Factors has exceeded my expectations. They literally changed the way we do business.”

George Trevino


“Known Factors helped us turn our data system from a headache into a goldmine.”

Reed Shandoff


“We’ve tried other options and believe Known Factors has the best in breed solution for the Behavioral Health market.”

Make Your Data Intelligent


Known Factors Magic

To truly leverage analytics, you must have a solid data foundation.  We are the only company that handles this critical data piece of the equation for you.


Stunning Showcases

Drag and drop data sources into dashboards. Share dashboards with teams. Create a truly transparent, data-driven organization.


Fully Customizable

The answer is always in the data and our intelligent platform specializes in handling disparate, difficult, and convoluted data. We then customize the solution to your industry and to your company.


Powerful Insight

Unlike our competitors, we can source ANY data point. Gain insight into your organization that is simply unavailable with other data visualization platforms on the market.


Exquisite Design

Our simple, but powerful UI gives you everything you need to know, right at your fingertips. And we add a dazzling array of options for custom reports and dashboards.

A small sample of the data sources we can integrate for you

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